BIAS now also for woodwinds

Due to numerous requests, BIAS is now also available for woodwind instruments. Use your existing BIAS equipment to integrate a database module containing all common woodwind instruments into your software for a small additional charge.

This way you keep your familiar measuring environment and do not have to get used to something new. Since the BIAS measuring head was originally designed for brass instruments, adapters are sometimes necessary for the connection of woodwind instruments.

  • Familiar BIAS-environment and software
  • Database with 40 predefined instruments
  • Included free of charge in the BIAS Professional and Enterprise Editions
  • Easy pre-selection of tones to be measured
  • Helpful for the identification of well tuned alternative fingerings
  • Informative for assessing the quality of cross fingerings
  • Separate measurement of mouthpiece / headjoint and the rest of the instrument possible

Product prices: € 4,990 to € 7,990