The contemporary tool for stringed instrument making

VIAS FOR STRINGS is the ideal tool for building stringed instruments and guitars, as well as for all stringed instruments with resonators. Within a few seconds you get a so-called “admittance curve” in which the most important tonal characteristics of the instrument are included.

VIAS FOR STRINGS consists of the VIAS software and the hardware, which includes an impulse hammer with integrated force transducer, a mini sensor that is attached to the bridge, an amplifier and a mounting frame for the instrument and the impulse hammer.

  • VIAS FOR STRINGS is the ideal tool for documenting the “as-is” condition of an instrument
  • VIAS works with a normal PC or notebook with USB connection
  • VIAS allows objective sound comparisons by making the measured curves audible
  • VIAS allows any number of vibration measurements at any point of the corpus for modal analyses

Product prices: € 4,700 to € 7,092