A powerful tool for instrument making

A powerful tool for instrument making

A little story to think about: If you make the bore slightly narrower for a played note at those points where the standing wave has a pressure antinode, this note becomes sharper; if you widen the tube diameter at this point, the note becomes flat.

What happens to the other notes? What happens when valves are pressed and the pressure antinodes shift as a result? How do I optimize individual tones without worsening the others?

A computer is needed!

And software that can handle such complex problems!

  • Optimize the intonation of individual notes or that of the entire instrument
  • Change the basic tuning of the instrument
  • Optimize the response of single or multiple notes
  • Graphical display of the position and strength of the pressure antinodes for all notes
  • Component box to assemble any combination of components to an instrument
  • Good tool for a redesign “from scratch”
  • Cloning of instruments
  • Optimal for repair shops

Product price: € 2.200,00