The universal tool for research and instrument making

VIAS is a universal software tool especially designed for advanced instrument makers and people involved in research. Users have complete freedom in the choice of excitation mode, display and processing of data.

Measurements can be followed in “real time” on the screen and can be interrupted and resumed at any time. VIAS is suitable for measurements on stringed and wind instruments.

VIAS is under permanent development, as it is used in research at universities and is constantly adapted to new tasks by Wilfried Kausel, the originator of this software package.

  • VIAS works with any normal PC and notebook.
  • Freely selectable measuring range from 0 Hz – 20,000 Hz.
  • Freely selectable excitation type up to WAV files with any content.
  • Measured data is not only analyzed, but also made audible
  • Any kind of vibration measurements (air and material vibrations) are possible.
  • Simulations with different models/methods, plane and spherical wavefronts and different material properties are possible.
  • VIAS is included in the BIAS Enterprise Edition and in VIAS FOR STRINGS, but can also be purchased and used “stand alone”.

Product price: € 1,900.-